Welcome to Eve's Myth! I'm Eve--All three of them. 

Bursting with stories from different genres, I've created several pen names to match the genres. One thing's for sure--every day I'm excited about working on my different writing projects. While you may not love them quite as much as I do, I hope you've got some time put aside, a cup of tea, and a window seat. 


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Kyiv, Ukraine

Why did I name my site Eve's Myth? 

My father explained, many years ago, that he named me after Eve because she was an immensely strong woman. She may not have chosen well with the whole apple thing, but she had her own mind and I think it would be fair to say she learned from that life experience. Knowing that life is a collection of experiences, some easy and some difficult, he wanted to symbolically embed me with the kind of strength I would need to forge (or blaze-when needed) my own trail.

A myth is a type of story. It normally includes supernatural occurrences or great events, and while my life and books are not epic, they are stories and histories that are chronicled in in the hearts of the people I know, just as their stories are chronicled in mine. Like everyone, there are some highs and super lows. Transforming the lows through writing helps us move beyond the trauma of the experience to use the situation in an funny way and focus on the moments of humanity. 

My goal as a writer is to share some of these stories with a larger community. This is not to say that when you read my work, especially the fiction, you'll be able to identify my friends in it. Fiction is fiction. However, many of these stories were crafted and perfected with friends. For example, imagine three women sitting in the wood paneled main room of a guesthouse warming themselves with a glass of wine and roaring fire. As they discuss their day wandering around the shores of Lake Baikal, their cheeks flushed by the fire and wine, the topic gradually changes. They begin to tell stories. One of those stories becomes the premise of Eva Phillipnova's first book! 


Life isn't always a box of chocolates. Sometimes you have to tread through the muck.
Sometimes a good tread through the muck helps you find a story, like the time I was charged by a cow... Otherwise, like the rest of life, you get dirty, wonder why, and then think of a story. Glastonbury, England.

What can you expect from this site?

My latest books will be uploaded with links to where they can be downloaded or purchased. 

The blog on this site will take you behind the scenes. You'll have a glimpse at stories that may not have made the cut for the books, but still offer tantalizing views of what's to come. You'll get an introduction to who I am working with and, if there's an event, you'll be the first to know! 


What can you expect from the blog?

An introduction to my:

Books: My main focus is sharing the books I'm working on. The genres: Paranormal, Romance, Travel, Academic, Self Care, and Memoir. On the blog, I will share a chapter or a series of short stories based on one of the genres. Sometimes, like with the paranormal stories I'm writing with a friend, there's a cross over where it's paranormal memoir. A blog post might introduce a co-writer or the person for whom I am writing a memoir. There's no set schedule, but it's safe to assume that you'll get more ghostly posts if I'm working on a ghostly book. 

 Art: Very rarely, I'll create stories based around the images on the paintings that I paint.I've been moving around too frequently in 2016-2017 to really focus on my painting, but I'm settled now so we'll see what happens.  There is always a possibility of buying any of the paintings featured. Contact me if you are interested. 

I would like to go on the record here saying that Facebook and Instagram will be the best places to check if there's an event.Please join me if you can!  

What are your upcoming projects and when will they be finished? 

My publication schedule is:

Eve Smith- Fog Time (title under consideration). Paranormal Memoir, Fall 2017. A paranormal memoir! What the hell is that!? A collection of creepy ghost stories experienced by me and my co-author, Raven Mo, in Macao. Produced as a semi-graphic novel. 

Eva Phillipnova- Meet Me in Samara. Romance, Spring 2018. A Russian artist learns he has passion for more than art when he meets a feisty American. 

Eve Smith- A Year of Foreboding. Memoir, Fall 2018. A young Indian medical student and HIV/AIDS researcher is forced to flee from Luhansk as rebel forces invade. 

Eve Smyth- (title under consideration). Mystery/Thriller, Spring 2019. Ex-CIA operative, Andrea White is trying to retire from the world of espionage. She's changed her identity, job, and hair color. We're talking serious--moving-to-an-island-in-the-middle-of-nowhere--changes. When her sister is kidnapped by pirates, Andrea will stop at nothing to get her back safely. 

Eva Phillipnova- (title under consideration). Historical Romance, Fall 2019. Anya has grown up on a majestic estate south of the influential city, Kyiv. After her mother's death, at six, her father raises her as his son. By twelve it is apparent that Anya doesn't fit into society--there's nothing ladylike about her. In a desperate attempt to mold her into marriageable material, her governess sends her to a girl's boarding school in St. Petersburg, Russia. At seventeen, when she returns to her father's house, she finds that her father has been mentoring a young man, Sasha, from the local village to take his place. Heartbroken, she tries to break their bond and take her father's love back. 

Sasha has been in love with Anya since he was a young boy, but he was unprepared for the strong-willed selfish brat she's become. Anya's hate for Sasha is challenged by her attraction to him. The more time they spend together, the more her spark of attraction grows. Will she be able to understand her feelings in time to win back his heart? 


If you're sensing a theme here you might be on to something. Wading, again, through life, or a salt lake in Turkey. You choose the interpretation.
If you're sensing a theme here you might be on to something. Wading, again, through life, or a salt lake in Turkey. I had just nearly gotten eaten by a wolf dog. 😉


The three faces of Eve.

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    1. Thanks Myrtis!!! 🙂 You helped me to build this. Remember the book that you produced with the kids in Ufa? That got me thinking. 🙂

  1. I love the word-play with your name for the new website. It immediately evokes Joseph Campbell’s work on “the power of myth” for personal growth and transformation in titles like “Myths to Live By” and “Creative Mythology”. This is a good place to record your personal journey. Your words and paintings illustrate the potential very well. Beautiful photo on your home page, too.

  2. Nice update. I am looking forward to the posts this fall and going forward. Have Bookmarked your site so I can keep up with your goings on.

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