Work Anxiety From Moving Across the World? Lean Into It.

Have you ever found that the last 5 hours before moving abroad involves a whole lotta trip and work anxiety? Questions run amok in your mind: Did I pack everything I need? Did I shut everything off? Unplug everything? Did I get all my work documents in my bag? What’s left in the fridge that my roommate won’t touch and will be gooey with rot by the time I come back? And, that’s just the obvious stuff.

don't panic

I’m in my final 5 hours before my move to Samara for 3 months (woohoo–adventures in Samara Part II). Work anxiety is blossoming, so, to make sure that the anxiety is in full force, I sat down to write a post about it.


Because writing about travel and work anxiety is going to help me get things done.

luggage for life abroad
Getting things done like filling these puppies. OK, OK, just two of them.


Funny thing is—it did. And, without my usual chocolate fix (heeeey, freshman 15).


I pulled a Brené Brown and leaned into the work anxiety. With every question that entered my mind for the post, I paused and doubled checked it had been handled. Surprisingly, the overwhelming amount of crap that needs to be done before leaving for 3 months got done—with time to spare.


Truth be told, one of the life lessons about traveling for work that I’ve learned over the years is:


The only thing that is truly important while traveling is your passport, credit cards, and a little money.


You can buy everything else! Yeah, it sucks to have to buy things twice, but you’ll live and have a great story to tell folks back home. Not that this lesson has stopped me from packing 2 suitcases full of stuff, but it’s definitely taken off the pressure.

Massage before a trip for total self care.
Keepin’ the power in powerhouse with a long-ass massage before AND after a 24 hour trip.

Now, I’m off for my 2-hour massage at I Love Massage before the Atlanta Airport Shuttle comes to whisk me off to the Hartsfield-Jackson International. Amsterdam, I’m coming! And, I’m in my happy place.

Kazbegi, Georgia
Hey, there happy place. I’ve missed you.


What travel and work anxiety? 😉



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